Painting Demo: Stage 9

Wow, nine stages! I bet you thought I'd be done by now, didn't you? Thank you for your patience! Believe it or not, this painting has actually gone quite quickly and smoothly for me. I'm thankful for that! I am also grateful for all the kind comments people have made here and on Facebook, and for the new friends that have decided to follow this blog. Thank you!

Today I had some responsibilities besides painting, but was still able to finish Sydney's other hand as well as the apples. Tomorrow I'm planning to tackle the large unfinished area in the upper right (check Stage 8 to see a full shot of my painting). I'll need to rig up a still-life of sorts that will mimic the bookshelf I have planned for that area (See Stage 3).

I'm sorry this post is so short. Hopefully that novel I wrote last night can count for tonight too! Anyways, there is a very special young lady I want to call, so I must cut this short. See you back here tomorrow, Friday the 18th--same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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