A Mystery Painting Revealed

Last Friday, over 100 mysteries were revealed at the Art of the Portrait Conference.

Each year, the Portrait Society of America hosts a "Mystery Sale" of 6x9-inch paintings at its Art of the Portrait Conference. When the sale opens, attendees have a short time period to view the paintings and enter their names for the chance to purchase their favorite pieces. Each painting sells for a fixed price of just $250, and the proceeds support the society's scholarship program. This year, the sale contained over 100 paintings. The "mystery" is this:

The identities of the artists are kept a secret
until after the paintings are sold! 

Now that the Mystery Sale has ended, I can finally reveal my painting (below)!

 "Autumn Glow"
Oil • 9" x 6" 

I painted "Autumn Glow" from a photo I took of Andrea while we were dating. So far, my Mystery Sale pieces have depicted Andrea and her sisters. Here are my 6x9 paintings from previous years:


"Garden Respite"


"A Light Wash"




See you in two weeks for more of our latest artwork and adventures!

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