"You Be the Judge" Art Contest

The Contest

I am excited to spread the word about a very special online art contest open to all representational painters using wet media. Portrait artist Brian Neher has worked together with some acclaimed artists and several art equipment suppliers to put together a prize package that is well worth competing for. Best of all, entering the contest is completely free!

The Prizes

The grand prize winner will receive Richard Schmid's books Alla Prima and The Landscapes, Daniel Gerhartz's book Not Far From Home, Yale University Press's John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes book and DVD collections by Joe Bowler and Brian Neher. Also included are several sizable gift cards from well-respected art supply companies. This is truly a prize package designed to equip the serious, aspiring artist!

To learn the guidelines and enter this free competition, visit Brian Neher's website here.

Lasting Impressions: Just 11 Days Left!

Pumpkin and Lanterns by Daniel Keys
36 x 30 • Oil on linen • Unframed
As a team member of the Lasting Impressions Online Charity Art Sale, I would like to say that it has been quite an exciting ride these past two months since the sale's opening! In case you missed my previous posts, the event has been spearheaded by my friend and fellow artist Jonathan Stasko, who felt led to conduct the sale to help his hurting communities in Schoharie Valley, New York, which were devastated in August by flooding from Hurricane Irene. Since much of the damage occurred outside the flood plain, most property owners did not have flood insurance coverage. Proceeds from the sale will go to Schoharie Recovery, Inc., a local charity dedicated to aiding the property owners. Please take a moment to watch the video below, which gives a glimpse of the great destruction caused by Irene.

The Star of the East by Brian Jekel
36 x 24 • Oil on panel • Unframed
The response from our participating artists was staggering. C.W. Mundy. Brian Jekel. Kathy Anderson. Mark Gingerich. Michelle Dunaway. Marci Oleszkiewicz. Daniel Keys. Twenty-nine artists in all, some emerging and others widely-recognized as leaders in today's art scene. All individuals who jumped at the chance to help by contributing over 115 works of art. As emerging painters, we at Lasting Impressions could not have dreamed that we would be able to host such a stellar group of artists and works. In addition, Southwest Art Magazine announced the sale at its blog (here) and American Artist Magazine published it in their February issue, which is on stands now. The Bennington Center for the Arts is graciously handling our transactions. Fellow team member Ryan Mellody created our beautiful website, and Andrea Orr and Taaron Parsons designed our printed ads and logo. To all who have lent a hand to this endeavor, I would like to say a hearty "thank you!" I am humbled by the Lord's goodness in blessing this sale and I praise Him for it!

Girl with Bonnet by Michelle Dunaway
16 x 12 • Oil on linen • Framed
There now remain only 11 days to purchase art from the Lasting Impressions Sale and take this opportunity to help the people of Schoharie Valley. With paintings as low as $135, there is artwork for every budget. Please visit the Lasting Impressions website to view and purchase works from the online gallery. I want to thank you for considering the purchase of artwork that will help bring relief to these people.

Morning Light at the Canal by Mark Gingerich
10 x 12 • Oil on panel • Framed

Cow by Andrea Orr
5 x 7 • Oil on linen • Gallery-wrapped