Painting Demo: Stage 6

Happy Friday everyone! To jumpstart your glorious weekend, how 'bout a painting demo? Yeah, I thought it was a good idea. Fasten your safety belts, everyone. It's... Stage 6!

As you can see, I am covering my canvas in a systematic fashion, working from the boy outward. Many times, I have a more "A.D.D." approach, jumping from spot to spot until the painting is completed (Let's see... what were we talking about? Oh yeah, painting!). I am trying to emulate the wooden textures of the chair and desk by applying my paint more roughly. Also, I can scrape off paint with my palette knife to suggest that the wood is worn.

Next, I started blocking-in Sydney's skirt. I am trying to make it darker at the bottom and lighter at the top to suggest light falloff. It can be difficult to paint patterned fabrics because they tend to dominate. It is the artist's challenge to keep the pattern "quiet" while still maintaining accuracy. The picture of the skirt below is in progress.

I'm having lots of fun with those violet hues under the cool light! The arm and upper part of the dress are nearly finished here. The hand and basket are still in the block-in stage.

Looking at the full canvas, you'll notice I made Sydney's flesh tones darker than Jackson's. I did this to give the illusion that Sydney is set further back from Jackson. Also, by keeping my lightest tones on Jackson and his shirt, I can establish him as my main focal point.

Yes folks, I now have a headless girl on my canvas. Looks like I also made her hand too large. Poor Sydney! Don't worry everyone, I'll have her back to her normal self shortly!

I tried to post a lot this time since I may not be able to post much (or anything) on Monday because of Valentine's Day. Plus, I know none of you love-birds will want to read a boring painting demo on the holiday anyway! So... see you back on Tuesday, the 15th for Stage 7! For those of you single people out there, I may post a small offering on Monday, but no promises!

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