Andrea's Latest Studio Work

Hello! Andrea here,

I am excited to show you one of my most recent studio pieces! First, I'll show you a couple of close-ups…

I started this painting over a year ago and returned to it multiple times before I was finally happy with it. The painting began with a simple oil sketch from life to accurately capture color and value. I then worked on this larger final piece using the color study and photos as references.

Here is the full painting:

"Preparation" by Andrea Orr Clague
Oil • 24" x 16" • (To inquire about availability,
please email me at

I was primarily inspired by our model—she worked as hard as we artists did. Posing is certainly an art form! I also loved trying to capture the muted color scheme and the graceful lines and shapes created by the pose.

Of course, I am doing a bit less painting lately in order to tend to our other work of art :)

Gideon says hello!

We'll see you next time for more of our artwork and adventures!

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