Tinker Bell and TobyMac

More Whipped Cream
Oil on linen • 24" x 14" • Sold
Portrait Award of Excellence,
2013 OPA National
I never thought I'd mention Tinker Bell and TobyMac in the same post! Here goes...

The painting to the left is a recent one of my 5-year-old cousin. Her family was in town visiting, and I decided to take the opportunity to paint her. She was a terrific little model, especially when entertained with her favorite Tinker Bell movie and supplied with plenty of ice cream and repeated servings of whipped cream (hence the title)! Of course, even the best-behaved 5-year-olds can't sit still forever. When the whipped cream ran out, she found it much more interesting to hop off the couch and "help" Andrea and me with our paintings. She had a lot of fun putting strokes on our paintings as we directed. Maybe she is an artist in the making!

I did this simple sketch of my cousin from life. Although the sketch is very basic, it helped me keep my colors more life-like while working from photographs for the larger painting.

Study for "More
Whipped Cream"

Oil in linen • 5.5" x 4.5"

I don't know about you, but the music I listen to while I paint has a great impact on my work. One song in particular, "Steal My Show" by TobyMac, has had a big influence on me lately (listen below). The songwriter asks God to steal his show, recognizing that his own performance is of much less importance than the work God can do through him. That kind of humility is inspiring. Naturally, every artist wants people to enjoy his work. But when I seek man's recognition instead of God's, I set myself up for disaster. When people praise my work, it's easy to let it go to my head and forget that it's God that gave me my talents. This song reminds me to ask the Lord to "steal my show" and do more with my life than I ever could on my own.


  1. Adam, yes!!!! TobyMac's song and the words are incredible. This is a special reminder for me today, to give it to God. My pastor said a very similar thing this past Sunday, that when we try to take the show, we engage in greed--which is "a fear that God will not promise to care for us as He promised."

    Great reminder!

    Jeff Sparks
    MVIS guy & Brother!

  2. Thanks, Jeff, good to hear from you! I saw you have a video that goes along with your pastor's sermon--I will definitely be checking that out later. Right now, I've got to get ready for the paint-out in Independence. I'm not sure where you're located, are you planning on going? If so, we'll probably see you there!

  3. I loved hearing the back story to the painting Adam. Your cousin is beautiful! Also, thank you for reintroducing TobyMac to me. I haven't heard from him since DC Talk.

  4. Thanks, Randy, it's good to hear from you! Yes, she was a great little model, and I hope I can paint her again sometime when her family is in town again. TobyMac has some great stuff. I grew up on DC Talk :) Thanks for the comment and keep up the awesome work, Randy!

  5. Hola admiro mucho tu trabajo gracias por compartir tus obras e inspirar a otros a seguir trabajando, Saludos desde Argentina
    Heber Artaza.


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