Sometimes, after wrestling against the pressures that sometimes accompany studio work (does it look right, will it sell, etc.), you just gotta relax and sketch for fun! Below are some recent sketches, all painted from life, all just for fun!

Oil on tracing paper • 11" x 10"
(Approx. 1hr, 15min)

 My lovely wife was kind to let me paint her while she read her book. For the first time, I experimented with painting on tracing paper. I really enjoyed it!

Tea Service
Oil on linen • 7.5" x 7.5"
(Didn't keep track of time)

Here, I focused on copying the temperatures and colors in the whites as accurately as I could. It was a great exercise for me.


I did these last two sketches in Photoshop with a digital Wacom tablet.

(Figurine from Justice League Unlimited cartoon)
Digital • 6.5" x 7" @ 300dpi
(Approx. 1hr)

Cad. Orange
Digital • 6.5" x 7" @ 300dpi
(Approx. 45min)

I was really surprised how much I had to desaturate my colors to make them match those in the aluminum. I know a lot can be said for keeping one's grays "interesting" by making them more chromatic, but this was a good reminder for me that temperature is so much more important than color!

Thanks for taking the time to view. I'm hoping to keep up this refreshing practice of sketching for no other reason than to have fun!


  1. Beautiful work, Adam. I'm always inspired by your posts. More, please. Best regards.

    1. Thank you, Candace! I appreciated your last blog post about persistence. That was good for me to read, as I'm having to push through my current painting I'm working on. My friend recommended "The War of Art," and now I'm going to have to pick up a copy. The extra time you spent on your drawing was worth it--it already looked great before, but now it's even better. Hats off to you for sticking it out!


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