10 New Plein Airs: Tiny Town, Paintable Charm!

Hello! Andrea here,

Adam and I recently enjoyed a week-long painting trip/vacation to the quaint town of New Harmony, Indiana. Today, we are excited to share with you some of the plein air paintings we created on our trip!

"Cottage Shed" by Adam
Oil • 8" x  4.75" • $360 (Incl. frame and shipping within U.S.)

"Garden Shed" by Andrea
Oil • 6" x 6" • NFS

Adam's parents graciously invited us to join them on this family trip. Each morning we enjoyed a leisurely (and thanks to Adam's mom, delicious) breakfast, and then Adam and I would head out to explore and paint for the day. In the evenings, we would return to our apartment for a homemade dinner, games and visiting. It was wonderful to relax, paint and spend time with family.

"Memories" by Adam
Oil • 4.5" x 11" • SOLD

"Green Trimmed" by Adam
Oil • 5" x 11" •
$440 (Incl. frame and shipping within U.S.)

"New Harmony Nocturne" by Adam
Oil • 7" x 5" • SOLD

"Adam Painting" by Andrea
Oil • 6" x 6.5" • $290
(Incl. frame and shipping within U.S.)

We were surprised by the arts-centered focus of this tiny, historic village. Though small, New Harmony boasts two art galleries and a large annual plein air competition coupled with workshops by nationally-known artists. Our trip was not during this event, but we certainly witnessed this town's artistic appeal.
There was no shortage of painting opportunities!

"Purple Barn" by Andrea
Oil • 5.75" x 10.5" • $390
(Incl. frame and shipping within U.S.)

"Red Roofed Barn" by Andrea
Oil • 7" x 5" • SOLD

"Dad Reading" by Adam
Oil • 6.25" x 5" • $330
(Incl. frame and shipping within U.S.)

"Duck Trio" by Adam
Oil • 5.75" x 6" • $340
(Incl. frame and shipping within U.S.)

We hope you enjoyed seeing beautiful New Harmony through our art!

See you next time,

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  1. I really enjoyed being introduced to your work thru Barbara Stroud's Featured Artist. You both do some amazing art.


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