2 New Paintings from the Great Outdoors

Hello, Andrea here!

Today Adam and I want to invite you out into the field and forest with us—and you won't even need bug spray!  Both of us enjoy going outside to paint on location. These plein air excursions are valuable for information-gathering, inspiration, practice and experimentation. We are grateful to have a group of friends we can paint with regularly. Below are two recent paintings from our plein air adventures.

"Parkville Falls" by Adam Clague
Oil • 8" x 10" • $600
(To inquire, email Contact@AdamClague.com)

This is Adam's plein air depiction of a waterfall hidden in the woods of a local nature sanctuary. There's  something awe-inspiring about painting while listening to the roar of the water as it pours over the falls. Though the light changed quickly, Adam did an amazing job capturing its fleeting beauty. I love how he used the fallen logs to direct the viewer's eye around the composition. We both painted here, but we'll just call mine a "practice" piece—waterfalls are difficult to paint! I learned a lot more from studying Adam's piece afterwards.

"Sheep" by Andrea Orr Clague
Oil • 5.5" x 12" • Sold

This is a studio piece I created after a plein air trip to a nearby sheep farm. Though the day was hot and muggy, everyone in our group had a blast painting at this great spot. I created two small studies on location as well as several sketches in order to capture the colors and gestures of the ever-moving sheep. Back in the studio, I used these studies and sketches as well as photos to complete this painting.

If you would be interested in displaying one of these pieces on your own wall, just reply to this email and let us know. We would be honored to have our artwork in your home!

See you next time for more of our Art and Adventures!

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  1. Enjoyed your comments on all the work it took preparing to paint in the studio. Been there!


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