Virtual Tours of 3 Major Art Exhibits

The Art Renewal Center International Salon (Photo by ARC)

We are so excited to share with you the adventure we had recently!

Last time, we mentioned we would take you on a virtual trip to see Adam's painting in a New York City art show. Well, as you'll see, that trip grew into an even bigger adventure. Due to a very unexpected surprise, we were able to attend 3 major art exhibits in 2 cities in just 24 hours!

Come along with us for the ride!
First stop: New York City…

There and Back Again:
An Unexpected Phone Call

Despite careful planning, our family vacation to New York City with Adam's parents did not go as expected.

We had scheduled our trip around the private opening of the Art Renewal Center (ARC) International Salon, an exhibit that included Adam's painting "Knitter's Gift." Little did we know, we would not make it to that opening!

On our 4th night in NYC, Adam received a phone call that took his breath away.

"Book Club" by Adam Clague
Oil, 23x32

Now, a couple months prior, another of Adam's paintings, "Book Club," had been accepted into the Oil Painters of America (OPA) National Exhibition. The phone call this evening came from an OPA officer to notify Adam that his painting had won a top prize at that event! She was wondering if Adam might be able to come to the awards ceremony to receive the award in person.

We were ecstatic, but there was just one problem—the OPA awards ceremony was the following night—the same time as the ARC opening—but in Cincinnati, Ohio!


Art Exhibit 1:
Oil Painters of America
National Exhibition
Cincinnati, OH

As you can see, we decided to go to Ohio! We left the next morning and arrived at the reception just as it was opening.

(Photo by Eisele Gallery of Fine Art)

See the Entire OPA Show
Adam was all grins as he received his award:

Dorothy Driehaus-Mellin is one of today's most generous patrons of representational painting. Mrs. Mellin funds awards for 4 OPA competitions every year. This includes a $20,000 cash prize given at each annual OPA National to an artist of Dorothy's choosing. We are grateful beyond words that this year, she chose Adam!

Mrs. Mellin started this prize to give artists "the unique opportunity to embrace his/her full potential as an artist unencumbered by financial constraints." Needless to say, this award is a tremendous financial help to us, a career milestone, and an incredible blessing from the Lord. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Mrs. Mellin!

Although we missed the ARC private opening that night, there was another opportunity to see that show—a second, public opening the very next day from
11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.. We just had to get back to NYC in time!

Art Exhibit 2:
Art Renewal Center
International Salon
New York, NY

Fortunately, there was a 6:20 a.m. flight back to NYC. But since the flight was so early and the OPA festivities had ended so late, we decided there was no point in getting a hotel room. We spent the night at the Cincinnati airport!

It was a dinner of Snickers bars from the vending machine and a night of spotty sleep. We're such crazy art nerds!

We made it to the ARC opening at the Salmagundi Club around noon the next day, where we rendezvoused with Adam's parents. What an incredible show!
See the Entire ARC Show

Adam's painting "Knitter's Gift" received a Purchase Award in this competition. This means the Art Renewal Center purchased Adam's piece for its personal collection. In the Fall, this exhibit (including Adam's piece) will travel to the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain.

Us with Adam's proud parents :)
God has especially blessed us through this painting. Prior to this event, the piece received 2 other awards—
  • 2nd Honor Award
    2014 Portrait Society of America International Competition
  • Best of Show
    2016 American Impressionist Society National Exhibition

Due to our REM-deprived night at the Cincinnati airport, we were absolutely exhausted by the time the ARC show closed at 3 p.m.. And yet, the day was still young! Besides, you can't go to NYC and not visit the MET!



Art Exhibit 3:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York, NY

We had visited the MET once before, but one of the most famous paintings by one of our favorite artists was not on display. This time, it was!

 Madame Pierre Gautreau ("Madame X")
By John Singer Sargent

We soaked up artistic inspiration at the MET until 8:30 p.m., when we had to admit we were completely spent. Andrea nearly fell asleep standing up—twice!

Our exhaustion matched our excursions—it had been quite an incredible adventure!

Did you know the MET's website has thousands of high-res images of its masterpieces you can download for FREE? Just click the button below and search for your favorite artists! You're welcome :)
Browse Hi-Res MET Masterpieces


Thanks for joining us on this virtual tour!
—Andrea and Adam

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  1. What a fabulous couple of days for you both! Congratulations, Adam! You are a rockstar!

  2. Incredible. What's not as obvious in posts like these, but must be true, is the hours and weeks and months and years of nose-to-the-grindstone training and hard work. I can just sense the joy of being blessed by the Lord after all of that effort and waiting. This is especially touching to me because Crystal and I are still not quite at the cusp, but God is good, and seeing how He's blessed you is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That's fantastic, Adam! Well deserved honor given to such a talented young artist! So cool you gave God the glory!


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