31 Paintings to Jumpstart the Year

31 Days of Paintings

At the beginning of this year, a challenge was issued to artists around the world—Create a new artwork from life every day for 31 days and post it on social media.

The challenge was created by StradaEasel, an easel design system, to help artists begin the new year with a creative jolt. This year I knew I wanted to join in! On the first day of January, I completed painting #1 and quickly realized how difficult it would be to accomplish the full challenge. Nevertheless, I was determined to see it through!

At the end of the challenge, I had created 31 paintings, a greater appreciation for the simple beauty of everyday objects around our home, and the lessons I learned from the intense and focused study.

Now I'll just have to see if I can talk Adam into joining me for next year's challenge!

Below are all 31 paintings from the challenge. Several pieces are still available! If you spot one that would be perfect on your wall, please email us at contact@adamclague.com. We'll let you know if the piece is still available and how to purchase. Prices below include framing.


Open Oven
Oil • 10"x8" • (NFS)
Adam's Brushes
Oil • 8"x5" • $400
Backyard Shed
Oil • 6"x8" • $320
Oil • 8"x6" • (NFS)
French Press
Oil • 10"x8" • (NFS)
Red Onion
Oil • 5"x8" • $280
Oil • 8"x5" • $280
 Snowy Drive
Oil • 5"x8" • $280
Oil • 8"x10" • $460
Window Seat
Oil • 8.5"x6.25" • $340
Oil • 5.5"x5.5" • (NFS)
Espresso Beans
Oil • 5.5"x5.5" • $250
Sargent Books
Oil • 9.5"x7.75" • $430
Oil • 10"x8" • $460
Copper Pitcher
Oil • 10"x8" • (Sold)
Copper Kettle
Oil • 5.5"x5.5" • (Sold)
Oil • 4.5"x6" • (NFS)
Foggy Driveway
Oil • 8"x10" • $460
Oil • 10"x8" • (Sold)

Snake Plant
Oil • 9"x7" • $380
Rose Under Warm Light
Oil • 9"x6" • $340
Honey Jar
Oil • 7"x5" • $260
Oil • 5"x8" • $280
Oil • 5"x7" • $260
Oil • 5"x8" • $280
Box of Paint
Oil • 8"x6" • $320
Oil • 6"x8" • $320
Oil • 3.5"x4" • $200
Oil • 6"x9" • $340
French Press #2
Oil • 6.5"x3" • (Sold)
Oil • 10"x8" • $460

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  1. These are wonderful! I'm impressed.

  2. this post really good and inspirational. Your paintings are world paintings gallery level.

  3. Lovely art work! These really look like unique paintings. Are all of these done in water paint or in oil paint as well? Whats the prices?


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