Painting Siblings

No, this isn't a post about double portraits. It's actually about two paintings that are, in a way, "siblings."

Steering Home
Oil on linen • 6"x6" • Sold
Prayers For His Voyage
Oil on linen • 6"x6" • Sold

In 2010, while visiting relatives, I painted a still life of objects I collected from my grandmother and aunt ("Prayers For His Voyage," above). The painting represents a woman praying for a loved one who is abroad (perhaps at sea or war). The Bible represents her faith, and the candle symbolizes her hope.

I sold the piece recently, and it was not long before the client presented me with a brilliant idea—perhaps I could create a companion painting that depicts the story from the man's point of view. "What a great idea!" I thought, and soon began setting my mind to the task. I used some of the same symbolism from the first painting, including a candle for the man's hope and a Bible for his faith. I depicted the man as a sailor, steering towards the light and nearer to his loved one, who is pictured in a locket. The rocks represent his ever-present dangers, against which her prayers protect.

These two paintings now hang side-by-side. Each shares a side of the tale, and together, they tell the full story.

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  1. Adam, that is just fantastic!

    Sometimes, when I see what can be done by artists, I'm just thankful that God gave us the talents and passion for practicing the art of creativity and expression in different medias.

    Your companion pieces are just so well done! They are wonderful as standalone pieces and each tells a story. But combined, they create a fusion of story that is just overwhelmingly moving!

    You've really creating something special with these two! Congratulations on a job well done!

    1. Robert, I am blown away by your kind compliment--thank you! I definitely relied on the Lord for help with these concepts. Thank you so much!


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