Snack for Two

Snack for Two
Oil • 12" x 16"
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Welcome back, everyone! Yesterday, I finally finished a painting that I began several months ago. I started the picture from life with the aid of Matt, a seasoned model who was terrific to work with. He had a great facial expression that suggested to me that he could be preparing a surprise snack to share with a girlfriend--hence the title, "Snack for Two."

For me, the most exciting part of this painting was trying to capture the beautiful harmonies of violets and maroons that were present under the cool window light we used. I tried to complement these hues with some greens (Some of which are much more subtle than the bottles and apple, so you'll have to look to find them).

I tried to call attention to the hands by reserving the most intense colors for the nearby apple and orange. To keep these colors unsullied, I used a clean paint knife rather than my dirty brush when mixing them up on my palette. Furthermore, I strove to make minimal alterations after laying down each stroke. I must admit, it took more than one try to make the fruit look the way I wanted :).

Until next time, happy painting! --Adam



  1. Hi Adam,
    I really appreciate your work which you have done here to show your best art.I am also artist and i am working on christian fine art and i want to know that do you have any knowledge on this one because i need some help on this one.Please let me know if you have any answer for my queries.

  2. Hi Jhon,

    I'm sorry, for some reason your comment got put into my "spam" folder, so I didn't find it until just now. I noticed you included a link to the Shekinah Art Gallery. Do you work for them? I'm happy to at least try to answer any questions you have about art, so just let me know specifically what you are wondering, and I'll do my best to help.

    Thanks for your kind words about my work, and have a great day!



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