Simple Solution for Professional Corners

Stretching your own linen offers the freedom to choose your favorite type of linen and to work in any size you wish (learn which types of linen we use here). However, stretching your own material also poses a couple of challenges.

Last time, I shared my method for preventing ripples (read lesson here). Unfortunately, there is another nuisance to avoid--excess linen at the corners can be so bulky that the artwork is prevented from fitting comfortably inside the picture frame! Today, I'll show you my method for making the corners of your linen slim and professional-looking.

Step 1: Trim

Using scissors, trim the excess linen so it looks like this:

Top View

Side View

Step 2: Fold

Fold each part as shown.

3. Staple

Once the last part of linen is folded over, staple the material to keep it in place.

Repeat steps 1–3 for the remaining corners.

Now, your stretched linen can fit comfortably within your picture frame while also looking neat and professional. The only thing left to do is put some paint on that beautiful, blank linen!

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That's all for now, but I'll look forward to seeing you next time. Until then, happy painting!


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