Three Pieces Inspired by Friends

Hello, Andrea here!

Adam and I are excited to share three newer pieces with you. All of these pictures were inspired by friends—a napping cowboy, the beautiful line of a friend's pose and the enjoyment of painting a model with artist friends.

I love it when I am able to paint alongside Adam's workshop attendees. I always learn a lot and have a great time painting with everyone. Drew is a friend of ours from church and an extremely talented country singer. During one of Adam's figurative workshops, Drew posed with his cowboy hat. He was happy to have such a relaxing pose!

"Relaxin' " by Andrea Orr Clague
Oil • 6" x 4" • $249
(Price includes framing and
shipping within the U.S.)

Sara is the daughter of an artist friend of ours. While all of us were on a painting trip in Colorado, Sara graciously posed for several painting and photo sessions. She is a wonderful model and a joy to capture!
"Sara" by Andrea Orr Clague
Colored Pencil • 12" x 8.5" • $550
(Price includes framing and
shipping within the U.S.)

Each week we try to attend our friend Cathy Kline's group painting sessions to practice and spend time with friends. Adam created this painting in about two hours at one of these sessions.
"Doug" by Adam Clague
Oil • 10" x 8" • $590
(Price includes framing and
shipping within the U.S.)

If you would be interested in displaying one of these pieces on your own wall, just email and let us know. We would be honored to have our artwork in your home!

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See you next time for more of our Art and Adventures!

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  1. Wow these are really good paintings, you did wonderful job with the brushes. Going to show this to my sister who is artist as well. Thank you for sharing it with us

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