Invitation to Our Family Tradition

Today, Andrea and I would like to invite you to enjoy one of our favorite family traditions. As you join us, we'll show you nine paintings we've never shared publicly until now.

Since our wedding, Andrea and I have instituted a few family traditions. This one holds special importance to us. Each Christmas, Andrea and I harvest a tree from our own property (we have enough volunteer evergreens for many Christmases to come!). After selecting the perfect tree (usually one that resembles Charlie Brown's), we use it to celebrate Christmas in an artsy way. 

Homemade lattes are a warm welcome from the cold.

After stringing the lights and hanging our ornaments, I'll bet you can't guess what we do next… ;)

We paint the tree!

When the holidays are over, we re-plant the tree alongside others that have served as Christmas trees in years past.

Below are our Christmas tree paintings from all five years of marriage. Seven of these have never been shown publicly until now. After sharing our Christmas tree paintings, I'll show you two more never-before-publicized paintings. Enjoy!



(Left: Andrea's | Right: Adam's)



(Left: Andrea's | Right: Adam's)



(Top: Andrea's | Bottom: Adam's)


(Top: Andrea's | Bottom: Adam's)



(Left: Andrea's | Right: Adam's)

Two More Never-Before-Publicized Paintings

Because our Christmas tree paintings hold special memories for us, we don't sell them. However, these two winter-themed paintings are available: (UPDATE: "Paper House" is sold, but "Snowy Tracks" is available as of 7/11/17)
"Paper House" by Adam Clague
Oil • 6 x 6.25 • SOLD

Above: The paper house and trees are Christmas decorations made by Andrea. The glow of the lights against the geometric shapes are reminders of the simple pleasure of a warm, welcoming home.

Below: Deep tire tracks in our freshly-fallen snow created a beautiful pattern that was inspiring to capture on canvas.
"Snowy Tracks" by Adam Clague
Oil • 4.25 x 6.25 • $300 (incl. framing & shipping in U.S.)

If you'd like to feel cooler this summer by having one of these paintings in your home, please email me at However, please act quickly, as I'm accepting qualifying purchases on a first-come-first-served basis.

See you next time!

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  1. Wow, you people are amazing, these paintings show how much hard work you have done. Thank you for sharing your work with us and keep doing the good job