Southwest Art's 21 Under 31 Winners

The Cellist
Taaron Parsons • Oil

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I'd like to give a big shout out to a few friends who were recently included in Southwest Art Magazine's 21 Under 31 Competition. The contest showcases the work of 21 artists under the age of 31. This year, three friends from my alma mater (Pensacola Christian College) were chosen: Taaron Parsons, Eric Suchowesky and Chris Phillips.

Morning Has Broken
Andrea Orr • Oil • Sold
And I must not overlook my former classmates who have been included in past 21 Under 31 competitions. Andrea Orr (my lovely girlfriend) and Christian Hemme were selected in 2010, and Ryan Mellody was chosen in 2009. Artist-in-residence Mr. Brian Jekel is the primary painting instructor at the college.

Congratulations, everyone!

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